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Whether your child is riding a balance bike or a pedal bike, safety is paramount. Having the proper kids protective gear can help minimize or even prevent injuries if accidents happen. When thinking about safety equipment, many parents make the mistake of only ensuring that their child has a helmet. While helmets are indeed a crucial aspect of safety gear, do not overlook high-quality kids bike gloves.

Kids Mountain Bike Glove Range
Your kids can have the best time on their bike and whether they enjoy tearing up the trails or just riding their bike to school, equipping them with the best gear can ensure they remain safe and comfortable.
At Kidvelo Bikes, we have kids’ MTB gloves that are designed to fit their smaller hands with both kids and youth sizes available. Our halfy-fingered gloves give your kids the ultimate protection when they are on their bike. With a range of designs and colours, your kids are sure to find one that they love.

Kids’ MTB Gloves – Designed to Fit Smaller Hands
If you are searching for the best kids’ MTB gloves, look no further. Not only are our gloves designed to protect, but they are also designed to be durable. We know how kids like to put our products fully to the test, but you can be confident that ours are well-made and strong.
Our great range of MTB gloves for kids will give your kids an excellent grip on their handlebars. They feature a 2-way stretch and velcro adjustment for a great fit. With a single layer durable leather palm, they will have all the grip they need, even when shredding down the mountain trails at speed.
When mountain biking, some accidents are unavoidable, and they are all part of the experience. With kids’ mountain bike gloves, they will have further protection from the undergrowth and any crashes from their bike.
When the weather gets cooler, your kids will still be able to enjoy riding their bike when wearing our gloves without the uncomfortable feeling of cold hands that can also compromise their grip on the handlebars.

Half-Finger or Full-Finger Kids Bike Gloves?
For little toddler and preschool fingers, we almost always prefer half-finger because they’re easier to get on and tend to be less sweaty!  Since little ones often fall on the palms of their hands, half-finger gloves still offer much-needed protection during a fall. During colder months, however, the added warmth of full-fingered gloves is worth the hassle of getting all those wiggly fingers into the right finger holes.
For older riders, half-finger or full-finger is usually a personal preference.  Half fingers are easier to get on and off, but full fingers offer additional grip for the entire hand as well as added finger-tip grip for pulling brake levers.

How Does Glove Sizing Work?
In our experience, each brand sizes their gloves differently. Our stated age ranges are to provide a general idea of sizing ranges, but you should always check the manufacturer’s sizing chart before purchase.
Gloves are sized based on two measurements – the length of the hand at the tip of the middle finger, and the circumference of the hand around the knuckles. Those measurements may mean an XS in one brand, but a Medium in another.

Best Kids Bike Gloves
The Best Kids bike gloves serve different purposes depending on a child’s age and riding environment. From helping to maintain grip, providing comfortable padding on the palms, as well as being the first line of defense during a fall, no matter what your child’s age, bike gloves can improve their riding experience.
Cycling gloves also come in a wide range of designs and styles. Which pair of gloves is best for your child will be determined by their riding ability and how they will be using them. Is your child just getting started on a balance bike? Are they an experienced pedal bike rider? Are they tackling mountain trails? We’ve tested gloves for all these scenarios!

Best Kids MTB Gloves For Toddlers 2-5 Years
If you’re raising a mountain bike kid that’s under 5 years of age, it can be tough to find gloves that are small enough to fit their little hands.
With the above in mind, we’ve pulled together an overview of the kids MTB glove landscape, with the info below tailored towards toddlers who are either riding on a front mounted child seat, or riding their own bike independently. Read on to learn more.
What to look for when choosing kids bike gloves for front mounted child seats (ages 2-5 years)
If you’re looking for gloves for use with front mounted child seats, for kids 2-5 years, the most important factors are sizing, ease of fitting and warmth. 

1. Sizing
Because most mainstream mountain bike apparel brands don’t focus on small kids, it can be difficult to find small enough gloves for kids 2-5 years of age. We’ve looked for glove manufacturers who cater to small hands (5 years and under).

2. Ease of fitting
Children as young as 2 years often lack the dexterity to easily put their fingers into the right holes. Of the gloves suitable for small hands, we’ve looked specifically at those which are easiest to put on – as that’s often the trickiest part when getting your little one ready to ride.

3. Protection

Kids who are riding independently are learning fast, often by trial and error. Because of this, they’ll fall down and crash often, so having hand protection will minimise the impact of those crashes. When looking at protection, we’ve specifically focused on palm and knuckle protection.

4. Design

As every parent knows, the best gloves for kids are the ones that kids are happy to wear – and if that’s the difference between hitting the trails or being stuck at home, then it’s an important factor, even though it’s a completely subjective topic!

It’s important to keep your hands protected when you’re cycling, and that’s as true for children as it is for adults. Our wide selection of kid’s bike gloves come in a range of styles, colours and offer different levels of protection and padding. You’ll find a wide range of sizes, from kids to youth bike gloves.

Is it Necessary To Wear Bike Gloves While Cycling?
It is not necessary but it is recommended, as gloves help to absorb road vibrations, provide extra grip and protect your hands in the event of a crash. Winter-specific gloves are essential during the cooler seasons, they provide you with protection from wind and rain, keep your hands dry and help reduce the risk of numbness.

What Safety Gear Should My Child Wear While Riding A Bike?
It is important for kids to wear a properly fitting helmet while riding a bike. Additionally, they should wear appropriate clothing, such as long pants and sleeves, and gloves to protect their skin if they fall.

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