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If your child is riding a neighborhood bike, a mountain bike, a skateboard, or a scooter, kids’ knee & elbow pads can be a lifesaver! They minimize injury and can also give your timid child the confidence to keep trying or your adventurous child the security to keep pushing themselves outside their comfort zone.

Knee and Elbow Pads: Protection on the Go
We understand that kids love to push their limits, and that’s why we have a range of Nutcase knee and elbow pads that provide exceptional protection for those inevitable falls. Our protective pads are crafted with durable materials, offering comfort and flexibility without compromising on safety. So, let your children ride with confidence knowing their joints are well protected.

Why You Should Buy MTB Protective Gear from Kidvelo Bikes
Kidvelo is the only Australian company that creates products directly for kids, youths and Toddlers at affordable prices. Our high-quality balance bikes and kids bikes has been created so that both adults & kids alike can safely experience the thrill of mountain biking. All of our protective gear has been designed and tested so you can be sure that they perform well. Our products are also made out of materials that everyone will find comfortable, with moisture-wicking, quick-dry, and breathable properties.
Kidvelo products are affordable because we cut out the middle person. We take our products straight from the manufacturer and directly market and sell them to our awesome customers.

Do Kids Need Knee and Elbow Pads When Riding a Bike?
Children learning how to bike or inline skate should wear protective gear at all times: falls are almost inevitable when learning to ride a bike or skate for the first time. A set of kids’ knee and elbow pads will prevent injuries and protect children from abrasions and fractures.
Kids’ protective gear is essential for toddlers who are still learning to balance on wheels. Besides the protection, this gear also provides the much-needed confidence to get up and continue riding and skating after a fall.

Choosing the Best Knee & Elbow Pads For Your Child
Aim for a set of kids’ knee pads and elbow pads that has an anatomically shaped fitting design that allows mobility and has a high-impact foam. Some brands offer pads that cover more than one size, so they can accompany the child for a longer time span.
To discover the right size, you should measure your kid’s elbows and knees first, and then check the size chart of every specific model, as most brands manufacture their products slightly differently. Some pads are fit-adjustable thanks to velcro or adjustable straps, but it’s always better to take all the measurements: protective gear for kids need to fit to perfection.

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