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Kidvelo sells high quality kids bikes in Gold Coast. Our balance bikes are unique because they can be converted to classical bikes using pedal kits. This allows kids to use a their bike for longer before transitioning to a bigger bike.


Our lightweight balance bikes are the best training tool to teach toddlers to ride a bike without having to use training wheels.

  • Wheel Size: 12inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 18months – 4.5 years
  • Seat Height: 30cm – 48cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning Balance!
  • Bike Weight: 2.93kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink
From: $229


This revolutionary balance bike converts to a child’s first pedal bike with an attachable pedal kit once your child learns to balance.

  • Wheel Size: 14inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 3 – 6 years
  • Seat Height: 40cm – 58cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning to Ride!
  • Bike Weight: 6.6kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink

From $389


This revolutionary larger balance bike converts to a child’s first pedal bike with an add-on pedal kit once your child masters balance.

  • Wheel Size: 18inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 5 – 8 years
  • Seat Height: 48cm – 68cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning to Ride!
  • Bike Weight: 7.6kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink

From: $409


The Rookie 24 Balance Bike with add-on pedals is exactly what they need. Let them learn how to balance properly with this fun balance bike!

  • Wheel Size: 24inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 9 years and up
  • Seat Height: 68cm – 86cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning to Pedal!
  • Bike Weight: 8.7kgs
  • Colours: Ultra-Cool Gun Metal Gray Colour

From: $569

Toddler Bikes Gold Coast

Best Kids Bikes In Gold Coast

If you’re looking for the best kids bikes in Gold Coast – you’re in the right place. Kidvelo offers balance bikes for small children all the way up to teenagers that want to learn how to ride in a safe environment without the need for training wheels.

Kids Bike Gold Coast
Feed their thirst for freedom & craving for adventure

(before they’re even out of diapers)

Kids Bikes for 2 to 4 year olds

12-inch Bikes for kids

Ultra-lightweight at just 2.9kgs, these 12-inch kids’ bikes without pedals are easy to manoeuvre, encouraging the youngest kids to stride confidently. These toddler balance bikes are designed to grow with your child from 18 months to 4.5 years. Highly durable and available in four vibrant neon colours, your kiddo will love riding this bike day and night. Take it from us it will be the best gift you can buy a child.

Introducing the Rookie 14

Perfect balance bike for kids

Your child can experience
riding success

Best Bike for 3 to 6 year olds

14-inch Kids Bikes for Sale

The next generation of 14-inch bikes for toddlers 3 to 6 years of age. Our revolutionary Australian-designed kid’s bike range will give your child the very best first bike experience on two wheels. Weighing in at only 6.6kgs in pedal bike mode your child will never need training wheels or stabilisers ever again.

Kids Balance Bike Gold Coast


A freedom-giving, confidence-building machine
(a balance bike with endless possibilities)

Best Bike for 5 to 8 year olds

18-inch Children Bikes

Our 18-inch bikes for kids are the best bikes for 5 to 8-year-olds. Weighing at just 7.6 kgs, these lightweight kids bikes enables them to start their cycling journey today. These bikes are available in four kid friendly colours and have a beautiful sleek design for a smoother and safer ride. Moreover, we offer a world-class 5 year warranty on our range of high quality kid’s bikes giving you that extra peace of mind.

Kidvelo Rookie 24 inch Balance Bike

The Perfect Learn-to-Ride Bike

Rookie 24 inch Balance Bike

Are you looking for a balance bike that’s perfect for an older child or a small adult that has had trouble learning to ride a bike? The Rookie 24 Balance Bike with add-on pedals is exactly what they need. Let them learn how to balance properly with this fun balance bike!

Kidvelo Founders Have All Been In The Kid's Bike Industry For Over 15 years

We put all our knowledge & experience into designing the Rookie Range. As a result, Kidvelo is already winning international awards!

  • Gold Best Balance Bike Made For Mums 2022
  • Best Bike and Best Buy at the Loved By Parents Awards, 2022.
  • Gold Best Bike Organic Baby Awards 2022
  • The Evening Standard ESBest list for 2022
  • Winner in the Right Start Awards 2022

The team behind the Kidvelo brand were specialist kids’ bike distributors and have hosted balance bike racing events within Australia and the UK since 2008. We know a thing or two about kid’s bikes.

Contact us for expert advice on your child’s cycle needs.


Wheel Size Age Inseam Height
12” (30 cm)
2 – 4.5 years
30 cm – 46 cm
85 cm – 100 cm
14” (35 cm)
3 – 6 years
40 cm – 54 cm
95 cm – 110 cm
16” (40 cm)
4 – 6 years
44 cm – 56 cm
100 cm – 115 cm
18” (45 cm)
5 – 8 years
48 cm – 64 cm
100 cm – 120 cm
20” (50 cm)
6 – 8 years
52 cm – 68 cm
120 cm – 145 cm
24” (60 cm)
8 – teenagers
58 cm – 72 cm
135 cm – 155 cm
26” (66 cm)
12 – adults
64 cm +
145 cm +

Kids typically outgrow their bikes every one to two years. However, every child grows at a different rate. Some children grow slowly and steadily, but others can shoot up like beanstalks seemingly overnight! In just a few short years, children can grow in leaps and bounds and quickly advance through the first stages of cycling. You might start with bikes for 2 to 4-year-olds but quickly progress onto bikes for 5 to 8-year-olds, then before you know it, you’ve got a teenager!

Kids’ bikes usually have a lot of life left in them after they’ve been outgrown. So there’s no reason they should go to a new home to be enjoyed by a child in need. Bike riding builds confidence and is excellent exercise, so the more kids we get on bikes, the better the world is!

Yes 100%. Bicycle helmets are effective in protecting child cyclists against head, brain and facial injuries. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injury by 60 to 90 per cent. It is compulsory to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle in Australia on any road or road-related area like a bike path, bike lane, shared footpath or separated footpath. Tricycles with a pedal and chain are considered bicycles under the road rules.

Your child's helmet should be:

  • approved – make sure the helmet carries the Australian Standard mark, showing that it is safety approved and meets the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2063

How Many Gears? Kids bike gears can range anywhere from 1 single speed gear to 24 gears depending on the number of chain rings on the front (single/double/triple). At Kidvelo we decided to keep it simple with your child's first pedal bike and design our bikes with a single speed gear that would make it easier to ride a bike on all surfaces and angles while focusing our efforts on learning to ride a bike. Changing gears would only complicate the process for younger riders. Once they are 8 years and above they will be ready for their first 3 or 5 gear kids bike.

The Rookie bike comes 85% pre assembled in a box delivered to your door. We have supplied all the tools you will need to install the handlebars, front wheel and seat post to get your little one riding in no time. We also have written instructions and an easy to assembly video to help people who are more visual. If you have any issues you can always contact us via email or phone to get your stead on the bike in no time.
Your child will be very safe on a balance bike. The bikes are intuitive for kids to use, giving them a sense of security. Understanding something makes us less afraid of it. It is also very easy to maintain balance bikes, so there are less chances of something going wrong. Nevertheless, we recommend wearing a helmet at all times!
Compared to a normal bike with training wheels (aka stabilizers), a balance bike teaches your child the fundamental skills of balance and coordination.
Because a balance bike requires the child to lean and steer actively, it promotes independent cycling.
Children who used balance bikes only at a younger age were able to cycle independently, compared to those who used bikes with stabilizers.

It is important for your child to be able to sit with their feet flat on the ground while riding the bike. Make sure your child's inseam is the right size by measuring it with shoes on. The saddle should be the same length or slightly longer than the minimum saddle on the bike. Choose a bigger bike if your child's inseam is longer than the saddle height of the bike! If your child leans slightly forward, their torso should be able to reach the handlebars comfortably. A balance bike with a longer arm reach will allow your child to go faster and maintain an aggressive, forward-leaning stance. See if your child will fit on the Rookie balance bike by checking out our sizing page.

Brakes aren’t really necessary on a starter balance bike for kids 18 months or so. However, as children grow older, they get more confident and glide along much quicker, so front and rear brakes are preferable to help them stop safely.
Balance bikes can come with no brakes, rear hand brake only, or both front and rear hand brakes. Balance bikes with no brakes assume the child can slow the bike by dragging their feet off the ground. This is okay at slower speeds, but not when the speed increases on older kids. Brakes are particularly important on inclines or rough surfaces where dragging your feet won’t slow the bike much. Having brakes on the balance bike also saves kids wearing out the soles of their shoes but most importantly teaches them how to stop properly using kids friendly brake levers found on our kidvelo rookie range of balance to pedal bikes!

Physically and developmentally disabled children often have difficulties coordinating balance, pedaling, and steering. With a balance bike, kids with special needs can learn to glide along independently much more easily than with a pedal bike. Personal development and confidence building are greatly enhanced by its independence.
In addition to being great exercise, a balance bike improves motor skills as well.
Due to the Rookie's unique design, it can be used for many years as a balance bike. It may be possible for your child to use it for even longer if they have a slower growth rate (such as those with Down syndrome). When kids have their feet on the ground, they are fully supported by the saddle, which makes it even easier than walking for them. Due to its lightweight, the Rookie is much easier to push forward and steer than a traditional kids bike.

Balance bikes are great for gliding around, but eventually, your child will want to start pedaling.
Once your child has mastered the skills needed to glide the balance bike confidently and safely, they are probably ready to pedal.
While pedaling adds a new skill to learn, it may still take them time to adjust before they can pedal confidently. Wearing a helmet and practicing pedaling in a safe place away from obstacles and traffic is important.
With the option to attach easy-ride pedals, the Rookie balance bike makes the transition from balance bike to pedal bike easier. As a result, your child will have an easier time learning to pedal on a bike they're already familiar with.

In contrast to traditional bikes, balance bikes are made specifically for children to glide rather than ride them. In this case, pedals would only interfere with your child's balance as they are still in balance mode.
Unlike other balance bikes, the Kidvelo Rookie 14" balance bike and 18" balance bike with pedals range can easily be converted into pedal bikes.
Simply attach the easy-ride pedals when your child is ready to ride independently, and it converts into a standard pedal bike. If for any reason your child does not like the pedals installed on the frame (some kids do) you can easily remove the pedal kit and install the integrated footrest back on the frame to convert it back to a lightweight balance bike. How good is that!

Yes we certainly do. We offer a World-class 5 year warranty on the kids bike frame and forks and 2 years on all other parts under normal wear and tear conditions.

For any reasons you are not happy with your kids new bike you can return the new bike to Kidvelo within 30 days with no questions for a full refund minus the return shipping costs to our warehouse.

On a kid's bike, the saddle should be set so the child's feet are flat on the ground.
There is usually a quick release seat clamp on decent quality kid's bikes so you can easily adjust the seat. With their torsos angled slightly forward, they should be able to reach the handlebars comfortably.

It may seem unbelievable, but there are still people who believe balance bikes are a scam. Unsuspecting parents believe balance bikes are merely marketing ploys.
Besides being ideal for small children who can't cycle yet, balance bikes are also perfect for older children. Children can enjoy balance bikes because they are low to the ground, lightweight, and easy too manoeuvre.
Before transitioning to a pedal bike, your child should learn coordination and balance on a balance bike. Your child is in a critical stage of physical development at this point. You will be able to use the skills your child learns on a balance bike in a variety of other activities as well.

Visit a bike shop with knowledgeable staff or talk to your friends, read reviews, or watch some YouTube videos.
Since some bloggers recommend bikes from stores with affiliate links, such as Amazon, a third-party review may not be as biased as a blogger's endorsement.
Instead of looking at just the concept of kid's Bike and  balance bikes, look for reviews that test its quality and function. There have been many reviews over the years that say "this kid's bike is better than a normal bike" but they fail to consider whether the bike actually functions well.
Take into account the bike's long-term value. You won't have to worry about buying a new bike for a few years with a growing convertible bike like the Kidvelo Rookie range.

The best kids bikes vary in price from $69 to over $1,000, but most decent ones are between $139 to $500. Our Kidvelo rookie bikes are unique in that they’re a convertible balance bike with an included pedal kit that turns into a kids pedal bike and can adapt as your child grows, giving long term value for money for parents and a lifetime of memories for your child on two wheels.


Read some reviews about the Kidvelo bike from industry experts.

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Our team at Kidvelo can help you find perfect bike for your children in Gold Coast so that they can create wonderful memories from the very first ride. If you are not sure which bike size to look for, consult our dedicated team and they will make sure you buy a model that is best suited to your child’s needs. Our bikes are beautiful, lightweight and have an extra focus on safety. From gorgeous bikes for girls to the coolest bikes for boys, we have a rookie range of kid’s bikes they will love to ride around Gold Coast with the their family and friends.



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