green front angled rookie 18 balance bike
Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance Bike – Neon Green
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Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance Bike – Neon Green

$449.00 inc. GST

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Introducing the Kidvelo Rookie 18-inch Balance Bike with Pedals, the largest convertible balance bike in the Kidvelo Rookie range! This lightweight bike is specially designed for 5 to 8-year-olds and comes with attachable pedals that help kids learn balance and control while having an awesome time on two wheels. What’s more, this innovative design of balance bikes grows along with your child’s skills, allowing you to purchase it once and use it when they transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike. Get the best 18-inch bike for your kid today!

A Perfect 45cm Kids Balance Bike For Riders

      • Aged: 5 – 8 years.
      • Height: 100cm to 120cm
      • Weight: 6 kg. It’s lightweight!
      • Inseam Range: 48cm – 68cm
      • 4 Neon Colours
green front angled rookie 18 balance bike
Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance Bike – Neon Green
$449.00 inc. GST








    Best Kids Convertible Balance Bike in Australia

    The Rookie 18″ is our largest-sized 2-in-1 balance bike that truly grows with your child like no other balance bike on the market. The Rookie range of balance bikes from Kidvelo will revolutionize how children learn to balance and ride a bike, without ever needing stabilizers or training wheels. Like all of our top-rated balance bikes, the Rookie 18 is incredibly lightweight and durable compliments of a 6061 aluminum frame and alloy components that will NEVER rust. But, it goes a step further: The Rookie 18 quickly and easily converts from a balance bike to a first pedal bike by simply adding the included easy-ride pedal kit. Transitioning from balance mode to pedals, and back again is accomplished in mere minutes for your child’s instant riding success! Plus, since it retains the same geometry and handling between modes of operation, the child’s learning lag from balance to pedal is virtually non-existent. The Rookie range of 2-in-1 balance bikes that easily converts into a kid’s pedal bike is sure to please even the most discerning of parents.


    Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance to Pedal Bike (Neon Green)

      • Extremely lightweight aluminium frame & forks (6kg) won’t rust EVER!
      • The best balance bike for 5 years to 8 years old.
      • Convertible balance bike design!  No need to purchase a separate balance bike and pedal bike. 2 bikes in 1
      • Tool-free, fully adjustable seat range: 48cm – 68cm
      • The alloy handlebar adjusts up-down & forward-back to allow for a custom fit for your child.
      • A real bike threadless headset with a 50mm alloy stem.
      • Proper V brakes (front and back) that stop on a dime. Coaster Rear Brake
      • BMX Grip-thread, pneumatic aluminium wheels for maximum traction.
      • Easy and quick assembly with all tools supplied.
      • Low centre of gravity for optimal control and manoeuvrability
      • Built kid tough – 5-year warranty on the frame and forks.
      • Comes in 4 fantastic kid-friendly colours.
      • Designed in Sydney, Australia for all kids worldwide.



    "If you’re in Australia or the UK, the Kidvelo Rookie 18 is a great choice. The Rookie 18 stacks up very well against the competition, with good looks, smart design, safety features that Mum and Dad will appreciate, and a price that’s solidly in line with other 18” balance bikes on the market today. If you’re shopping for your child’s first balance bike, give the Kidvelo Rookie 18 serious consideration.


    A Real Bike that looks like Mum and Dads bike but for 5 year old plus. Super Lightweight at 6kgs in balance bike mode. Pneumatic (air-filled) tires make for a safe, comfortable ride Sloping top tube makes it easy to mount/dismount Thoughtful safety features"
    - Christopher Del Sole

    green side view rookie 18 balance bike


    TYPE: Convertible Balance Bike

    BRAND: Kidvelo

    MODEL: Rookie 18

    TIRE TYPE: Air Filled Tyres

    FORKS: Aluminium

    BRAKES: 2 x V-Brakes with Rear Coaster

    FOOTREST: Yes included

    WARRANTY: World-Class 5 years


    WHEEL SIZE: 18″

    WEIGHT: 6kg / 7.6kg Pedal Bike

    SEAT HEIGHT: 48cm – 64cm

    FRAME: Aluminium

    RIMS: Aluminium

    PEDAL KIT: Easy-ride Pedal Kit included

    ASSEMBLY: Easy 10 minutes

    COLOUR: Neon Red, Green, Pink, Blue



    No Need To Switch Bikes

    Don’t Buy Two Bikes When You Can Buy A Rookie 18 Balance Bike that Converts To A Pedal Bike When your Child Is Ready for Pedals.

    18 inch Balance Bike Features

    From Balancing to Pedaling

    Once your little one has mastered balance, steering, and control and is ready to pedal, the included Easy-Ride Pedal Kit transforms the Rookie 18 into the most adjustable and amazing pedaling experience your child will get on two wheels.

    2 in 1 Balance Bike

    One of the biggest challenges for parents when it comes to buying a bike for their children is balancing the desire to buy a good bike with the reality that your child will soon outgrow whatever bicycle you pick.

    Lightweight Design

    At Kidvelo we believe that a lighter weight bike is a safer bike. A lighter weight bike is easier to control. We think that’s a good thing. All Kidvelo frames and rigid forks are made of lightweight heat treated 6061 aircraft grade aluminium alloy.

    World-Class Warranties

    5 YEARS

    Frame and rigid fork

    2 YEARS

    All other bike components

    1 YEAR


    Set Up In Minutes

    A step by step how to assemble your Rookie 18 Balance Bike.
    Quick clamps make it easy and fast to set up, and adjust the bike as your child grows.

    Once your child has mastered balance installing the included easy-ride pedal kit turns your balance bike into a pedal bike. How good is that!

    Some Frequently Asked Questions About Balance Bikes

    Balance bikes are the perfect transition between a scooter and a standard push bike. They are an excellent gift for a preschooler, toddler or kids that simply want to move a little faster around the neighborhood. Getting a balance bike ensures your toddler or kid can have fun on two wheels, even if they have no experience riding a bike.

    Convertible Balance bikes with pedals are perfect for kids of all abilities and a fantastic way to introduce your little one to the beautiful cycling world. Our balance bikes are lighter and small-wheeled compared to other kid’s bikes, making them suitable for small hands and bodies. A Kidvelo balance bike is a fantastic way to help them transition into unsupported pedal bikes as they age.


    The Rookie 18 Balance bike is best suited for kids from 5 years to 8 years of age. Our 2-in-1 Rookie 18 provides a Seamless transition to pedaling without the need to switch bikes. Kids have more confidence having used the balance bike mode before fitting the included easy-ride pedal kit. No need to buy a new bike to change bike size. With two modes and a saddle height range of 48cm to 64cm, the Rookie 18 adapts to your growing child.

    Balance bikes don’t have a drive train or pedals and are powered by your kids kicking off the ground. Adults can also guide the bike along by holding the handle and seat.

    Be confident in buying a Kidvelo Balance Bike with a world-class warranty! 5 years warranty on the Frame & Fork, 2 years warranty on components, and 1 year on Accessories. Plus we stock a full array of spare parts locally to keep your little one on two wheels longer.

    Kidvelo bikes delivers balance bikes Australia-wide.

    Australian LocationETA
    Brisbane & QLD1-5 days
    Sydney & NSW1-6 days
    Canberra & ACT2-5 days
    Melbourne & VIC2-7 days
    Adelaide & SA4-7 days
    Hobart & TAS7-8 days
    Perth & WA4-12 days
    Darwin & NT4-12 days

    The Rookie 18 starts as a larger balance bike for kids age five or over. Unlike most balance bikes, as your child grows, the unique 2-in-1 bike adjusts to your growing child! The Rookie 18 is different to normal balance bike with pedals as it is the only convertible balance bike where pedals can be fitted, converting it into a proper pedal bike. No need to buy two separate bikes when you can buy the Rookie 18. Our Kidvelo Balance Bikes are designed in Sydney, Australia by designer Anthony Kotarac with an ultra-lightweight aluminium frame, making our balance bikes easy to handle, rustproof, and durable. It is also ergonomically designed with a footrest for traction and stability and an ergonomic grab handle under the saddle for easy teaching.


    Additional information

    Weight 7.6 kg
    Dimensions 85 × 15 × 49 cm

    1 review for Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance Bike – Neon Green

    1. Sam B.

      I bought my son a Specialized pedal bike after he had clearly mastered his first balance bike, but he refused to pedal it! Just no confidence. After a year of failure, I bought him this 18″ Kidvelo and left the pedals off so he could ride it in balance bike mode. The second day he was begging me for the pedals, so that weekend I installed them, very skeptical that he would attempt to pedal. Boy was I wrong, he took off like a rocket before I could even get out my camera! He just needed a lighter bike so he could get over that transition from a balance bike. The Specialized was too heavy and intimidating. Overall he still loves this Kidvelo better than the Specialized, and loves riding it daily. I wish I had bought this instead of the bigger bike, but I’ll save it for when he grows out of this. Kidvelo is amazing, I’ve been recommending these 2 in 1 bikes to everyone. My 2-year-old is now happily enjoying the smaller Kidvelo Rookie 12, so we are a Kidvelo family!

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