Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance Bike with Pedals
Kidvelo Rookie 12 Balance Bike
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Kidvelo Rookie 12 Balance Bike

$229.00 inc. GST

Balance Bikes by Kidvelo. Australian-designed our 12 inch Balance Bike is the perfect training bike for Toddlers to learn balance and control.

Balance Bike Weight: 2.93 kgs
Balance Bike For Ages: 2 – 5 Years
Balance Bike Seat Height Range: 30cm -– 44cm

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Wheel Size

12 inches

Approx. Age Range

18 months to 5 years

Seat Height Range

30cm – 44cm

No Training Wheels

Teach Balance First

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Checked and Tuned

Kidvelo Quality Assured

Easy Assembly

Includes tools & Instructions


Built Tough Like Kids

The Best Featured 12″ Balance Bike!

The Kivdelo Rookie 12 balance bike is designed to provide your little one with the perfect foundation for many years of great riding. We designed the Rookie 12 to not only be easy to ride but also easy to learn how to ride. Putting your child on a balance bike teaches them to balance, and balance is a primary factor in learning to ride a bike.

The best part is they tend to learn balance without even trying…really! We’ve found that children treat a balance bike as a toy; through safe experimentation, little ones figure out balance all on their own while having fun.

Learning balance before pedals are introduced speeds up the transition to a pedal bike, it is far easier to learn one new skill than trying to learn 3 at one time (such as balance, pedalling, and braking), especially if you are 2 years old. By mastering the ride on our Rookie 12 early, your child will soon be ready for a pedal bike, where they can enjoy a ride on our super cute and equally awesome Rookie Hybrid balance to pedal bikes.

World-class Warranties

Kidvelo Balance Bikes offer a warranty period of:


Frame and rigid fork


All other bike components



Got Questions? Balance Bikes for Toddlers

Balance bikes for toddlers are designed as training bikes for children 2-4 years old. They are a great gift for a preschooler/toddler that simply wants to move a little faster around the neighbourhood. Getting a balance bike makes sure your toddler or kid can have fun on two wheels, even if they have no experience riding a bike.

Got Questions about Balance Bikes? Kid’s Balance Bikes

Kids balance bikes are a perfect way to introduce your toddler to the wonderful world of cycling. Balance bikes are also known as toddler training bikes without a drivetrain or pedals. Our balance bikes are 30% lighter compared to other kids’ bikes, making them super easy to handle and learn how to ride a bike. A Kidvelo balance bike is a fantastic way to help your child first learn balance, steering, and control before learning how to pedal. Once Balance has been mastered then the transition to a kid’s first pedal bike is made much easier.

Got Questions about Balance Bikes? Some Frequently Asked Questions about Balance Bikes

What is the best age for a balance bike?

To get the most use out of a balance bike, the best age to start a child riding a balance bike is between 18 months and 2.5 years. Starting them young will not only allow them to happily ride their bike independently for all of their toddler’s years, but it will also allow them to move up to a pedal bike by age 3 or 4.

What makes Kidvelo bikes so unique is that we have designed a balance bike range that will suit older kids who have never learned how to ride a bike. Our 2-in-1 Rookie14 balance bike converts to a kids pedal bike with the add-on pedal kit for kids aged 3-6 years old. Have an older or larger child? Our 2-in-1 Rookie18 balance bike converts to a larger 18″ wheeled kids pedal bike with the add-on pedal kit for kids aged 5-8 years old giving kids of all ages and abilities the ability to ride a bike for the first time without training wheels or stabilizers.

How do you ride a balance bike?

Balance bikes are really simple for kids to ride and often they won’t even need any guidance on how to use the bike. To ride the balance bike, kids sit on the low saddle while holding the handlebars. Then to move forward they can walk, run, stride or glide, depending on their confidence and experience.

Even smaller more timid kids can start on a balance bike by standing over the frame, in front of the saddle, and just walk normally. By holding the handlebars and getting used to the weight and feel of the bike, their coordination will improve and they can progress to riding while seated.

Do Kidvelo balance bikes have a warranty?

Be confident in buying a Kidvelo Balance Bike with a world-class warranty! 5 years warranty on the Frame & Fork, 2 years warranty on components, and 1 year on Accessories.

What makes a Kidvelo balance bike the best?

Our Kidvelo Balance Bikes are designed in Sydney Australia by designer Anthony Kotarac with a lightweight aluminium frame making our balance bikes rustproof and durable. It is also ergonomically designed with a footrest for traction and stability and an ergonomic grab handle for easy teaching. If you’re looking for a step up from the Rookie 12″ balance bike, be sure to check our 2-in-1 Rookie14″ Balance to pedal bike and our Convertible Rookie18″ balance to pedal bikes to give your children a chance of instant riding success.

Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 74 × 18 × 44 cm

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