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24 inch Bikes

24 INCH BALANCE BIKE ( 9 years - Adults )

The Rookie 24″ is our largest-sized 2-in-1 balance bike that truly grows with you like no other balance bike on the market. The Rookie range of balance bikes from Kidvelo will revolutionize how boys and girls of all ages and abilities learn to balance and ride a bike, without ever needing stabilizers or training wheels.

Kidvelo Rookie 24

Rookie 24 inch Balance Bike

Kidvelo Rookie 24

Are you looking for a balance bike that’s perfect for an older child or a small adult that has had trouble learning to ride a bike? The Rookie 24 Balance Bike with add-on pedals is exactly what they need. Let them learn how to balance properly with this fun balance bike!

The Perfect Larger Balance Bike For Older Riders

  • Aged: 9 years and up to Teens & Adults
  • Weight: 8.7 kg. It’s lightweight!
  • Inseam Range: 62cm – 84cm
  • Ultra-Cool Gun Metal Gray Colour