Top 10 Best Balance Bikes For Kids of All Ages in 2024

Our Top 10 Picks For Balance Bikes Of All Sizes (12″, 14″, 18″ 24″ Bikes) For Kids Of All Ages And Abilities That You Can Buy Online Today!

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Rookie 12"


12″ Balance Bike


12" Balance Bike


Airo Balance Bike
Kidvelo Balance Bikes - 14 inch Balance Bike - Blue


Rookie 14 Balance to Pedal Bike
Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance Bike for Older Children who have not learnt how to ride a bike before.


Rookie 18 Balance Bike with Pedals


24 Balance Bike with Pedals

Learning to ride a bike is a significant milestone in a child’s life, but it can often come with frustration and fear.

However, with the advent of balance bikes, children now have a more enjoyable and seamless bike riding experience.

Balance bikes have gained popularity not just for their fun factor but also for their ability to ease the transition to a pedal bike without the need for training wheels.

To help you find the perfect balance bike for your child, we have created this comprehensive buyer’s guide, featuring the top 10 balance bike options available online in 2023.

So let’s get to it.

Table of Contents



What Makes It Great


Kidvelo Rookie 12”

Best all-rounder, great colour range, lightweight and plenty of adjustment capacity


Cruzee 12”

Best for longevity with plenty of adjustment capacity in the seat and handlebars


Torker 12”

Best for little learners, can be used by children as young as 18 months


Strider 12” Sport

Best colour range, puncture-proof tyres


Hornit Airo 12”

Best lightweight balance bike for beginners, great colour range


Little Nation 12”

Best kids balance bike on a budget


Kidvelo Rookie 14”

Best for preschool-aged learners or taller toddlers


SmartTrike 14”

Best for adventurous, confident kids: braked option 


Kidvelo Rookie 18”

Best for timid learners who are not quite ready to pedal. Pedals can be added later to this model. 


Kidvelo Rookie 24”

Best for tweens and adults learning to ride or prefer a balance bike. Converts to pedal bike as needed.



A balance bike, also known as a glider bike, run bike, or push bike, resembles a standard bicycle but lacks pedals. It operates by propelling the rider’s feet against the ground, allowing them to control their movements and build balance.


Unlike traditional bikes, there is no specific age limit for learning to ride a balance bike. Most children can start using a pedal bike around the age of three to four years of age. 

However, many kids between five and eight years old still enjoy the benefits of a balance bike.


While both options have their merits, balance bikes are known to promote better balance, coordination, and gross motor skills compared to bikes with training wheels.

Training wheels can give a false sense of balance, whereas balance bikes teach children to navigate effectively and build resilience.


There are several benefits to introducing a balance bike to your child over a bike with training wheels, these include:

    1. Perfect fit for toddlers and preschoolers compared to pedaled bikes of the same size.
    2. Easy maneuverability on uneven surfaces, unlike bikes with training wheels.
    3. Lightweight design enables even the youngest riders to push the bike for longer periods.
    4. Promotes the development of coordination, balance, and gross motor skills.
    5. Inclusive for children with intellectual disabilities or reduced mobility.
    6. Smooth transition from balance bike to pedal bike, eliminating the need for training wheels
Cruzee Balance Bikes - Girl on Purple Bike


While balance bikes are recommended for younger children, there are situations where they may be less suitable.

Older children who are well-coordinated, demonstrate good gross motor skills and strength, and are over the age of 10 might be ready to skip the balance bike and go straight to a pedal bike.


The most obvious defining feature of a balance bike is what it is made of. Kids balance bikes can be made using a variety of materials including:

Wooden Balance Bikes

Wooden balance bikes tend to be less durable and heavier than other alternatives, being easily scratched or damaged if left outdoors.

They may require maintenance such as sanding, painting or re oiling to keep them free of splinters and looking their best.

Wooden Balance Bike - Kid riding through water puddle

Aluminium Balance Bikes

Lightweight and tough, aluminium or alloy-framed balance bikes are easily ridden and maneuvered around by little hands.

Aluminium won’t rust or corrode if left in the rain and is easy to clean and care for should it regularly fall in puddles or end up in the mud.

Steel Balance Bikes

Offering exceptional durability but with the downside of being heavier than aluminium, steel balance bikes are still a good option, but for bigger children.

If not kept undercover, steel balance bikes may display signs of surface rust or corrosion, so be sure to find them a safe spot out of the weather.


Balance bikes are generally available in these wheel sizes:

    • 12 inch Balance Bikes: Intended for ages 2 to 5 years.
    • 14 inch Balance Bikes: Suitable for 3 to 6-year-olds.
    • 16 inch Balance Bikes: Designed for 4 to 6-year-olds.
    • 18 inch Balance Bikes: For children aged 5 to 8 years.
    • 20 inch Balance Bikes: Recommended for 6 to 9-year-olds.
    • 24 inch Balance Bikes: Suitable for 10-year-olds to small adults.

Choosing The Right Size Of Balance Bike

Finding the perfect balance bike for your child can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s important to know the key factors to consider when making your decision.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the right size, top features to look for, and provide a comparison list for the best balance bikes in Australia 2023.

Kids Bike Size Chart

Determining the right size of balance bike for your child is crucial to ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience. To accurately measure your child’s inseam, have them stand against a wall with their bare feet shoulder-width apart and flat on the floor.

Using a tape measure, note the inches from the floor between their feet to their groin. Avoid measuring against their pant seam. Once you have this measurement, compare it to the chart below to find the appropriate bike size.

If your child falls between sizes, it’s recommendable to size up for better longevity.


Apart from finding the right size, there are additional factors to consider before purchasing a balance bike.

Balance Bike Price Vs Quality

When investing in a balance bike, it’s essential to prioritise quality over price. A high-quality balance bike will last for years and can be used by multiple children without any issues.

While you may spot a cheap balance bike for a toddler at Kmart or Target or Big W, it cannot deliver the same longevity or thoughtful design that a quality alternative can.

Balance Bike Size

As mentioned above, always check the size of a balance bike carefully and measure your child to ensure it is appropriate for them.

Do not simply rely on age recommendations, especially if you think your child may be below or above average height for their age.

Top features to look for in a balance bike

Balance Bike Weight

Opting for the lightest balance bike in the appropriate size is highly recommended. Lightweight bikes, often made of aluminium, are easier for toddlers and kids to handle.

Heavy bikes can discourage children from using them and make it more difficult for them to learn how to ride.

Balance Bike Tyre Type

Balance bikes come with various tyre types, such as rubber, foam EVA, pneumatic air, or plastic. Pneumatic air-filled tyres are preferred for maximum comfort, especially in the case of convertible bikes for older children.

Smaller sizes often feature rubber foam or plastic tyres.

Convertible bikes and those for older children may use pneumatic air-filled tyres while smaller sizes tend towards rubber foam or plastic tyres. For best comfort, pneumatic tyres are preferred.

Balance Bike Brakes

Most toddler balance bikes do not have brakes since children use their feet to accelerate and stop. However, larger balance bikes may include hand brakes for added safety, particularly in convertible bike models.

Balance Bike Handlebars, Hand Grips & Headset

Ensure that the balance bike has comfortable hand grips and adjustable handlebars to accommodate your child’s growth. Look for a quality headset with cartridge or ball bearings for smooth turning. Avoid plastic headsets, as they are more likely to break and result in stiff steering.

Top features to look for in a balance bike

Balance Bike Saddle/Seat

The bike’s saddle (seat) should be well-padded, neither too long nor too narrow. This allows for easy mounting and dismounting while providing adequate support during rides.

Balance Bike Frame Material & Construction

Choosing a balance bike made of durable and strong materials, such as aluminium, is highly recommended. Look for a bike with a single, solid frame and minimal additional attachments.

This ensures easy assembly, lightweight design, and compactness.

Balance Bike Convertibility

Consider a convertible balance bike that allows you to add pedals later on. This extends the bike’s usability and facilitates a smoother transition to a pedal bike for your child.

Rookie 18 inch Balance Bike - RedKidvelo Rookie 18 inch Pedal Bike Mode - Red

Balance Bike Warranties

Prioritize balance bikes that come with a minimum 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. This protects you against any faults or problems that may arise with the bike, providing peace of mind.

Balance Bike Appearance

Finally, don’t forget to consider your child’s preferences when it comes to the bike’s appearance. Balance bikes come in a wide range of bright colours and metallic finishes to suit every child’s taste. Please remember it needs to look good to your child as well so they want ride each and every day.


Our Top 10 Picks of Balance Bikes in 2023 that you can buy online Australia.

Riding a balance bike is a great way to get your kids outside and active while having lots of fun. With tons of benefits including improving balance and coordination, there’s no wonder why balance bikes are becoming increasingly popular with kids of all ages.

However, with so many different balance bikes on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for your child. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best balance bikes for toddlers and kids in 2023, to help make your decision a little easier.

Kidvelo Rookie 12 inch Balance Bike

Rookie 12 Inch Balance Bike - Red

Kidvelo Rookie 12 inch Balance Bike


Introducing the Rookie 12 Balance Bike, a remarkable lightweight balance bike meticulously crafted in Australia by Kidvelo Bikes.

For the year 2023, this outstanding bike steals the spotlight on our esteemed best-of-the-best balance bikes list.

The Rookie 12″ bike is not only incredibly easy to ride, but it also serves as an exceptional companion for beginners learning the art of biking.

This masterpiece boasts a super lightweight aluminium frame, fully adjustable seat height, and handlebar height, and features a genuine headset. Additionally, the bike is equipped with durable air-filled tyres, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride.

Weighing a mere 2.93kgs, the Rookie 12 sets a new benchmark as the lightest balance bike in the market to sport real air tyres.

This unique attribute makes it an unparalleled choice for little riders aiming for balance while enjoying the benefits of genuine air-filled tyres.

Designed to cater to young enthusiasts aged between 18 months and 4.5 years, the Rookie 12-inch balance bike is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of beginner bikers. As the smallest offering in the esteemed Kidvelo bike range, this 12″ wonder features an exceptionally low seat height.

Furthermore, it stands out as the lightest option among equivalent top-quality brands, weighing an astonishingly light 2.93 Kg.

Start your young rider’s adventure, freedom, and fun with the Rookie, the ultimate starting point in their biking journey.

Cruzee 12 inch Balance Bike

Cruzee 12 inch Balance Bikes - Blue

Cruzee 12 inch Balance Bike


Introducing the Cruzee Balance Bike, a remarkable and premium-quality lightweight bike designed with utmost care to ensure your child’s safety, durability, and endless fun. Crafted using an aluminium frame, this exceptional bike weighs a mere 1.9 KG, guaranteeing a seamless riding experience while staying resistant to rust.

Additionally, the puncture less tyres contribute to its remarkable durability, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable riding experience.

One of the most remarkable features of the Cruzee Bike is its ability to adapt and grow alongside your child. Equipped with an adjustable handlebar and seat height, this bike will seamlessly accommodate your child’s growth spurt, offering them the perfect fit at every stage.

Furthermore, the long seat post provides even more flexibility and sizing options, catering to children aged 18 months to 5 years of age.

With its lightweight construction and sleek design, your little one can confidently navigate various terrains, conquer obstacles, and indulge in endless hours of joyous riding. Be it parks, side walks, or even indoor spaces, the Cruzee Balance Bike is ready to accompany your child on their thrilling adventures, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, the Cruzee Balance Bike stands out as a remarkable lightweight balance bike that excels in safety, durability, and adaptability. Its aluminium frame guarantees a rust-free and lightweight experience, while the puncture less tires ensure lifelong usage. With adjustable features that accommodate your child’s growth, this bike offers the perfect fit at every stage.

Allow your child to tap into their sense of adventure and embark on thrilling journeys with the Cruzee Balance Bike – the ultimate choice for igniting a lifelong love for cycling.

Torker 12 inch Balance Bike

Torker 12 inch Balance Bikes - Yellow

Torker 12 inch Balance Bike


Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

Strider 12 Sport - Blue

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike


The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is specifically designed for kids as young as 18 months, opening up a world of possibilities for their tiny, eager legs.

Every growing toddler yearns for freedom and craves the thrill of new experiences. With the Strider 12 Sport, you can give your child the ultimate ride, igniting their passion for cycling and fostering confidence and coordination from an early age.

Let them discover the joy of biking even before they leave their diapers behind.

The Strider 12 Sport model is crafted to be the best all-around bike for your child. Equipped with mini-grips, even the tiniest hands can easily grasp the handlebars and take full command of this sleek and resilient bike.

The 12 Sport offers incredible value for your investment, which is why it remains our top-selling product.

From the very first wobbly steps to confident strides, the Strider 12 Sport serves as the perfect companion on this journey. Adjusting the seat and handlebars is a breeze, thanks to the tool-free mechanism, enabling effortless customization as your child grows.

Not to mention, the tires are incredibly durable, eliminating the hassle of inconvenient flats.

With a seat height range of 28-48 cm (11-19 in.), the Strider Sport accommodates an extensive range of inseam lengths, spanning from 30-51 cm (12-20 in.).

Your child can enjoy a comfortable ride, thanks to the cushioned, padded seat, which is complemented by an extra-long seatpost. Rest assured, your little one will enjoy years of Strider adventures.

The Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike is the perfect vehicle to empower your child, instilling a love for biking and embracing the spirit of adventure. With its impeccable design, unrivalled versatility, and hassle-free adjustments, this bike stands out as the pinnacle of quality and performance.

Hornit Airo Balance Bike

Hornit Airo 12 inch Balance Bike - Yellow

Hornit Airo Balance Bike


Hornit Airo Balance Bike: The Perfect Choice for Lightweight Riding

The Hornit Airo Balance Bike, a top-quality magnesium balance bike, sets a new standard in the market. With its lightweight design and outstanding features, it is an ideal option for toddlers.

Weighing just 2.95kg, the AIRO stands out as the perfect solution for young riders who may find heavier models challenging to handle. However, don’t let its lightness fool you – this bike offers exceptional durability.

The superior quality magnesium alloy frame ensures long-lasting performance, which is further supported by AIRO’s lifetime warranty on the frame and forks.

Designed to provide maximum stability, the AIRO boasts a scooped saddle that guarantees extra support for young riders. Moreover, it is adjustable to cater to children with an inside leg measurement ranging from 30-48cm. This means your child can fully enjoy the benefits of this balance bike as they grow.

The AIRO’s tyres strike the perfect balance between weight and resilience, enabling smooth rides even on uneven surfaces.

To enhance the riding experience, the frame of the AIRO includes built-in footrests that are ergonomically contoured for kids to comfortably rest their feet on while freewheeling.

In summary, the Hornit Airo Balance Bike stands out as the perfect choice for toddlers seeking a lightweight yet durable ride. Its robust magnesium alloy frame, adjustable saddle, chunky tires, and built-in footrests make it a remarkable option for young riders.

The attention to detail in its design, including the cool styling, adds an extra touch of excitement. Invest in the Hornit Airo Balance Bike and give your child a thrilling and secure cycling experience.

Little Nation 12 inch Balance Bike

Little Nation 12 inch Balance Bike - Pink

Little Nation 12 inch Balance Bike


Experience effortless maneuverability and instill confidence in your child’s riding skills with the Little Nation Balance Bike.

Crafted to perfection, this budget-friendly balance bike combines lightweight design, puncture-proof tires, and a range of adjustable features to provide a smooth and comfortable ride for your little one.

The Little Nation Balance Bike boasts an incredibly lightweight construction, weighing only 1.9kg. This exceptional feature allows young riders to easily manoeuvrer the bike, empowering them to feel in control and confident while developing their balance and coordination skills.

Say goodbye to bulky and heavy bikes that hinder your child’s progress!

Equipped with EVA foam rubber wheels, the Little Nation Balance Bike ensures an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride. Your child can confidently cruise on various terrains without the worry of punctures.

These high-quality, puncture-proof wheels guarantee ultimate peace of mind, enabling your little one to enjoy their riding adventures to the fullest.

The Little Nation Balance Bike features an adjustable seat, accommodating your child’s growth from toddler years to preschool age.

With easy seat adjustments, you can ensure a perfect fit as your child grows, allowing them to ride comfortably and securely.

This remarkable feature guarantees longevity, making the bike a wise investment that can adapt to your child’s changing needs.

Designed for hassle-free fun, the Little Nation Balance Bike incorporates a rust-resistant aluminium frame. This sturdy and durable frame ensures the bike remains in excellent condition, even after extended outdoor use.

Kidvelo Rookie 14 inch Balance to Pedal Bike

Rookie 14 inch Balance Bike Mode - Blue

Kidvelo Rookie 14 inch Balance to Pedal Bike


The Kidvelo Rookie 14 Balance Bike with Pedals is a groundbreaking training bike, designed to empower children in mastering balance and riding skills without relying on stabilizers or training wheels.

With its innovative features and high-quality construction, this bike offers a seamless transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike, making it the ultimate choice for young riders.

Crafted with an ultra-lightweight 6061 aluminium frame and alloy components, the Kidvelo Rookie 14 ensures an exceptional riding experience.

This exceptional bike effortlessly transforms from a balance bike to a first pedal bike with the help of the included easy-ride pedal kit.

Say goodbye to complicated procedures; this conversion is quick and hassle-free, granting youngsters instant success and allowing them to maintain the same geometry when changing between modes.

Recognizing the busy lifestyles of parents, the Kidvelo Rookie 14 conveniently serves as a 2-in-1 bike. It not only eliminates the hassle of purchasing separate balance and pedal bikes but also caters to the needs of the most discerning parents.

By investing in this exceptional product, parents provide their children with a reliable and durable bike that positively impacts their growth and development. Its incorporation of cutting-edge technology and attention to detail make it the best convertible balance bike on the market.

The Kidvelo Rookie 14 Balance Bike with Pedals redefines the way young riders learn and evolve their biking skills. Its lightweight frame, seamless transition between balance and pedal modes, and superior performance make it stand out as the ultimate choice for children.

This convertible balance bike offers unmatched convenience for parents and brings endless joy and excitement for little riders everywhere. Choose the Kidvelo Rookie 14 Balance Bike with Pedals and unlock the true potential of your child’s riding journey.

SmartTrike 14 inch Balance with Pedals

Smart Trike Xtend Balance to Pedal Bike - Red

SmartTrike 14 inch Balance Bike with Pedals


The SmartTrike Xtend 14-inch Balance to Pedal Bike is the ideal solution to help your child develop the necessary skills and confidence to ride a pedal bike without the need for training wheels.

With its innovative design and easy pedal installation system, this bike offers a seamless transition from a balance bike to a fully functional pedal bike.

The Xtend balance-to-pedal bike boasts an effortless pedal installation system that allows you to transform it from a balance bike to a pedal bike within seconds. With just three simple screws, you can ensure your child’s smooth progression without any hassle.

The Xtend Mg+ stands out with its innovative design, offering you three products for the price of one. Begin your child’s biking journey with a fun and sturdy balance bike. They will learn essential balance and coordination skills while having a blast.

When your child is ready for the next level, add the pedals to the Xtend Mg+. The seamless transition from the balance bike to the pedal bike ensures a gradual learning process.

Teaching your child to ride becomes an enjoyable experience, fostering independence and confidence.

One of the remarkable features of the Xtend Mg+ is its ability to grow with your child. Extend the bike to accommodate their increasing height and skill level.

The SmartTrike Xtend 14-inch Balance to Pedal Bike is the ultimate choice for parents seeking a reliable, versatile, and durable bike for their children.

With its seamless transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike, easy installation, and longevity, this exceptional product provides both fun and educational opportunities.

Kidvelo Rookie 18 inch Balance Bike with Pedals

18 inch Balance Bike for Older Kids - Red

Kidvelo Rookie 18 inch Balance Bike with Pedals


Introducing the Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance Bike: The Perfect Larger Balance Bike for Older and Taller Kids.

The Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance to Pedal Bike is specifically designed for older kids between the ages of 5 and 8.

Boasting the largest size in its 2-in-1 Kidvelo Bike range, this unique convertible balance bike offers a perfect balance for your little one’s growing needs.

Crafted with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium frame and alloy components, weighing in at just 7.6kgs, this bike is exceptionally durable and will never rust.

Say goodbye to constant maintenance and hello to endless fun!

One of the standout features of the Kidvelo Rookie 18 is its seamless conversion into a first pedal bike. With the included pedal kit, transforming the bike takes mere minutes.

What’s more, this bike maintains the same geometry and handling in both balance and pedal modes, allowing for a seamless transitioning process for your child.

Looking to surprise your young one with an unforgettable gift? Look no further than the revolutionary Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance Bike that can effortlessly convert into a Pedal Bike.

In conclusion, the Kidvelo Rookie 18 Balance to Pedal Bike stands out as the ultimate larger balance bike option for kids aged 5 to 8. From its lightweight and rust-resistant design to its easy pedal conversion process, this bike offers the best of both worlds.

Get ready to witness your child’s smooth transition from balance to pedals, all while enjoying a thrilling and safe ride. Make their day with the Kidvelo Rookie 18!

Kidvelo Rookie 24 inch Balance Bike with add-on Pedals

Rookie 24 inch Balance to Pedal Bike - 9yrs - Adult

Kidvelo Rookie 24 inch Balance Bike with add-on Pedals


Introducing the Kidvelo Rookie 24 Balance Bike with add-on Pedals – an innovative and versatile 2-in-1 ride that caters to teens and adults. This exceptional balance bike grows with you, offering a unique learning experience like no other on the market.

Say goodbye to training wheels and stabilizers, as the Rookie range from Kidvelo revolutionizes how people of all ages and abilities master the art of balance and bike riding.

Constructed from a lightweight and durable 6061 aluminum frame, the Rookie 24 is built to last. Crafted with high-quality alloy components, this bike is impervious to rust, ensuring longevity and a smooth ride for years to come.

The Rookie 24 takes the 2-in-1  balance bike concept to new heights by effortlessly converting from a balance bike to a full-fledged pedal bike.

With the included easy-ride pedal kit, the transition is a breeze. In just minutes, riders can unlock the thrill of pedalling and experience immediate success.

Remarkably, the unique design retains the same learn-to-ride geometry and handling in both modes, eliminating the learning curve typically associated with transitioning from balance to pedal bikes.

While the Rookie range amazes parents with its versatility, it also caters to the needs and demands of older riders with disablities. With a sizeable 24-inch frame, this balance bike is perfectly suited for teens and adults seeking an enjoyable and effective two-wheeled experience.

With its ingenious 2-in-1 design, superior construction, and adaptability for riders of all ages, the Kidvelo Rookie 24 Balance Bike with add-on Pedals is unmatched in the world of balance bikes.

Say goodbye to training wheels and embrace a revolutionary learning experience that guarantees success.

Take your riding journey to new heights and redefine what it means to ride with the Kidvelo Rookie 24 Balance Bike – the ultimate ride for teens and adults.


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