Lightweight Design

Our balance bikes weight 30% less than most kids' bikes.

Made For Children

90% of the components have been specifically developed for children.

Award winner

Praised by industry insiders, pro riders, parents and children.

Guaranteed Quality

We design all of our bikes in-house and manufacture them with the highest-quality.


Kidvelo balance bikes are a revolutionary Australian-designed balance bike range that will give your toddler or child the very best first bike experience on two wheels. Trust in our combined 40 years of experience in the kid’s balance bike industry and learn to ride in a fun safe way on one of our convertible balance to pedal bikes. Ditch the stabilizers and training wheels and learn balance first on a Kidvelo balance bike.

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Kidvelo Rookie 18" Balance Bike with pedals in Asure Blue. Our 2 in 1 Balance Bikes will Kids get 5-8 years riding easily.
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Create early childhood memories on the Kidvelo Balance Bike. Designed for toddlers as training bicycles, the Kidvelo balance bike helps even the littlest one balance and steer – while having fun and adventure! Super lightweight, safe, and easy learn-to-ride balance bikes come in 12 inch, 14 inch and 18 inch variations, suitable for kids aged 2 to 8 years old.



Our lightweight balance bikes are the best training tool to teach toddlers to ride a bike without having to use training wheels.

  • Wheel Size: 12inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 18months - 4.5 years
  • Seat Height: 30cm - 48cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning to Balance
  • Bike Weight: 2.93kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink

Kidvelo rookie 14 Blue


This revolutionary balance bike converts to a child's first pedal bike with an attachable pedal kit once your child learns to balance.

  • Wheel Size: 14inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 3 - 6 years
  • Seat Height: 40cm - 58cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning to Ride!
  • Bike Weight: 6.6kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink

Kidvelo Rookie 18 Green


This revolutionary larger balance bike converts to a child's first pedal bike with an add-on pedal kit once your child masters balance.

  • Wheel Size: 18inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 5 - 8 years
  • Seat Height: 48cm - 68cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning to Ride!
  • Bike Weight: 7.6kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink

Kidvelo Rookie 24


The Rookie 24 Balance Bike with add-on pedals is exactly what they need. Let them learn how to balance properly with this fun balance bike!

  • Wheel Size: 24inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 9 years and up
  • Seat Height: 68cm - 86cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning to Pedal
  • Bike Weight: 8.7kgs
  • Colours: Ultra-Cool Gun Metal Gray Colour

Balance Bikes Designed For ALL Abilities

We design balance bikes to give kids the most boundless possible riding experience. No dumbed-down training wheels or stabilizers. No gimmicky playthings. Our balance bikes are crafted so kids feel that their rig was made just for them. Our boys bikes and girls bikes will suit every child. 


We designed this next generation of kids balance bikes with the rider's safety in mind.
From its super-lightweight all alloy frame (Rookie12 = 2.93kgs) to the all-terrain air tyres for a smoother, quieter ride, right up to the child-specific grips offering comfort and minimized slippage. The NextGen Rookie range of kids balance bikes has been designed from the ground up to be as safe as possible for kids.
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Kidvelo’s signature: Confidence-inspiring low geometry makes learning to ride fun.
Our Rookie balance bike geometry makes the bike less intimidating, safer, and easier to ride without having the complexities of learning to pedal first. It puts kids in control. With a low standover height to help boost confidence while learning, the Rookie geometry has been optimized for growing kid’s bodies. Combined with adjustable components you can dial in the best fit for your child.
  1. Low standover height keeps kids in control when starting and stopping.
  2. Lower centre of gravity and longer wheelbase = greater stability.
  3. Super lightweight bike frames give our little riders greater control


Custom kid-specific components for a reliable and comfortable ride.
In addition to our unique confidence-inspiring low geometry, we’ve carefully selected a complete range of custom child-specific components, which are tailored to each size bike. This ranges from, lightweight handlebars with non-slip grips, to our kid-specific short-reach brake levers to sealed bearing bottom brackets. Because kids all ride through mud and muck and don’t clean their bikes, we built our Kidvelo bottom brackets to keep the dirt out. The headset and hubs also feature durable, maintenance-free, silky smooth bearings. It’s built kid tough.
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Less Weight, Better Rider = More Fun
Weight is one of the most critical factors in a child’s success and enjoyment in learning to ride. Our bikes weigh 30% less than most children’s bikes. Our featherweight alloy goes into both our frames and forks, which not only shaves weight off the bike but also improves overall handling without sacrificing strength. While most kid’s bikes sold at big box stores don’t like to display their bike weights actively, we at Kidvelo, design our bikes around being ultra-lightweight as a standard design feature. For instance, our Rookie12 only weighs 2.93kgs so performance is built into our DNA.


A Kidvelo balance bike is perfect for kids from 2 years old right up to 8 years of age. If your child can walk they can ride a balance bike. Kidvelo has also designed in Australia a unique range of balance to pedal bikes for older kids who also want to learn balance first and gain confidence by having fun on two wheels. Check out our kid’s bikes by wheel size and age.


Kidvelo balance bikes are the revolutionary next-generation design of balance bikes that help children as young as 18 months of age learn to ride a bike on two wheels. Kidvelo balance bikes focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels and why so many Australian parents and grandparents are looking at our class-leading balance to pedal bikes for their kid's first bike.

"Within a week Matty had mastered the bike - lifting up both feet and balancing. Now he is almost three and loves riding at the BMX track and skate park with his big brother Riley. It has given Matty so much more independence as he is able to ride anywhere and anywhere without being hindered by training wheels."

kidvelo balance bikes

The simple, no-pedal design of our balance bikes (also called strider bikes, running bikes, no-pedal bikes) builds confidence and eliminates fear by allowing kids to have their feet on the ground and progress at their own pace. This unique design teaches young children to balance on two wheels right from the start, avoiding developmental delays typical with tricycles and training wheel bikes. Once the child masters balance our Rookie 14" and 18" bikes quickly and easily converts from a balance bike trainer to a pedal bicycle by simply adding the included easy ride pedal kit. Transitioning from balance mode to pedals, and back again is accomplished in mere minutes! Plus, since it retains the same geometry and handling between modes of operation, the child's learning lag from balance to pedal is virtually non-existent. The Rookie balance-hybrid bike is sure to please even the most discerning of parents.



The ultimate ride for young groms, the Kidvelo rookie is superbly built from top to bottom and perfectly suited for adventure.


The Rookie 12" is a high-end balance bike for the picky parents who simply want the best bike for their kids.


Exceeds all expectations of what a kids bike should be.


Information on the latest bike models and hear from passionate bike-riding parents as to why they choose our lightweight kid’s balance bikes.

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