Choosing a proper fit on a balance bike requires a couple of simple measurements; their inseam and weight.


  • Select a pair of their best-fitting pants and measure from the crotch to the bottom. The number of centimeters, to the nearest cm, is the inseam length.
  • or
  • Have them stand in their stocking feet with their feet slightly apart and back flat to a wall. Measure the length/distance between the floor and their crotch.

After you have your child’s inseam measurement, check the bike’s specifications of minimum seat height. If your inseam measurement is equal or greater than the minimum seat height, the bike will be a good fit. It’s ideal to purchase a bike with a maximum seat height of at least 5cm above the child’s current inseam. Check out our sizing chart.

Follow the “Rule of 30” when selecting a balance bike. A balance bike should weigh no more than 30% of your child’s weight. An easy way to determine this is to follow a simple calculation: (child’s weight) x (0.3) = (max bike weight). For example, if a child weighs 15 kgs and we calculate this by the “Rule of 30” then their balance bike should weigh no more than 4.5kgs.

(child’s weight) x (0.3) = (max bike weight in kgs)
example calculation: 15 x 0.3 = 4.5 kgs

Some discretion can be used for kids who are very athletic and adventurous, and an extra kilo of the bike is easily managed. For timid and/or shy types a slightly lighter bike will be more successful.

When choosing a balance bike for your little rider it’s always important to choose the correct size. Not choosing the right size can frustrate your child and inhibited their ability to learn. It can also be dangerous. Most likely it’s their first bike and we highly recommend that you purchase a bike that fits them now, not one that they will grow into. This also applies to pedal bikes. We strongly recommend reviewing our sizing chart.

Yes. If your child is proficiently walking, your child can absolutely ride a balance bike. Many children as young as 18 months have found great success with our 12″ models due to the perfect combination of low seat height, low center-of-gravity, and lightweight features.

While there are pros and cons to steering limiters, the overall effect they have on riding is minor and their presence shouldn’t be a determining factor in your purchase.

A steering limiter prevents the bike from jack-knifing. It keeps the handlebar and front wheel from completing a full revolution. Proponents of the turning limiter claim that bikes are safer with them as it prevents sharp turns, limits injuries during a fall, and prevents the brake cables from becoming twisted. Adversaries claim that the steering limiter keeps the handlebars from being able to fold flat to the ground in the event of a fall and potentially impaling the child in the face, neck or chest. Some believe a child should be exposed to the full range of steering from the get-go and steering limiters are basically “training wheels” for handlebars.

Yes and no. This is a very common question we receive from parents. It’s truly boils down to personal preference, but we like to point out that a balance bike with brakes is safer than without, especially when children ride with bare feet and when riding in areas that have steep downward inclines. Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to use this experience to introduce children to the advanced hand motor skills necessary for successful bike riding in the future. If you’ve found a bike that you’re in love with and it doesn’t have brakes but offers features or components that are superior, then buy it with confidence. Just avoid steep grades, always wear rubber sole shoes, and never leave your child unsupervised, especially on sidewalks that are populated with driveways.

Assembly is very basic and in most cases, it takes approximately 10 minutes or less and requires minimal to no tools. You’ll find the bike assembly to be simple and straightforward. To make sure there are no hiccups, we’ve put together a group of video tutorials demonstrating the step-by-step bike assembly process.

We would also like to note that pedal bikes may require more extensive assembly steps. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of assembling your bike, any local bike shop can assist you for a small nominal fee.

Once your child has skillfully mastered the fundamentals of balance, leaning, and steering they’ll be ready for their first pedal bike. Keep in mind how important fun and adventure are to a child. A lightweight balance bike has a “fun factor” simply not available on a heavier pedal bike at a young age. During their transition to a pedal bike, we recommend having both the balance bike and the pedal bike available to the child so they can choose which they prefer on any given day. This overlap can last up to a year. At some point of the child’s choosing (as they get taller, stronger, more skilled, and confident) they will complete their transition to a pedal bike.

We believe strongly that a child should always wear a helmet while riding a bike. True safety while cycling depends upon teaching your child safe riding habits, developing advanced riding skills, and always being alert and aware of what is going on nearby. Definitely buy that helmet and enforce its use, but please understand that safety features and helmets do not replace a parent’s obligation to actively teach and supervise their little rider at all times.

From our experience, little riders fit properly in one size for about 1.5-3 years.  It all depends on how fast your little one grows while they’re on one of our awesome bikes.

We want you and your little one to be totally content with your new Kidvelo purchase.  To make sure you love your purchase we offer a 30-day full refund guarantee. Sort of like buying a new pair of shoes, generally wear them around a bit but don’t wear them out, if they don’t fit take them back. When trying out your new Bike try to keep it in a clean new condition.  If you aren’t in love with it after 30 days we give you your money back less shipping back to us.  Shoot us an email to arrange a return at help@kidvelobikes.com.au

In-stock bikes generally ship out within 24 hours of receiving your order.  All bikes are shipped via Australia Post or e-go or TNT from our Sydney NSW location.  For birthday’s please plan ahead.  Bikes ordered on the weekend ship on Monday.  We will email you a tracking number when your bike ships.  Because each bike goes through a quality and safety inspection (a pre-check list that is included with your bike) our bikes are sometimes not available for immediate pickup from our warehouse/shop.  If you choose to pick up your bike at our warehouse we will email you when it is ready. 

Each of our bikes comes with a 2-year warranty.

Yes, we do ship to New Zealand via TNT, the cost is a flat $110AUD.  Any taxes or duties are to be paid by the purchaser. 

We can also ship internationally, please email us at help@kidvelobikes.com.au for a shipping quote.

The bikes are shipped to you 85% assembled.  The only required tools are a 6 & 5mm hex key (provided in the box), screwdriver, and 15mm box wrench/adjustable wrench.  Total time takes about 15mins (most of the time is removing the padding).  Before the bikes ship to you, we inspect the bikes and go through a thorough checklist to ensure all parts are there and everything is ready to go! 
For more information check out our Owners Manual that ships with each bike.

If you need an extra spare tube or new tire please check our Accessories Page or if somethings not there we also carry all of our parts in-house, if you need something extra just ask, we’ve got you covered.  help@kidvelobikes.com.au

Kidvelo was born in 2008 when Anthony and Nicole Kotarac bought their oldest son his first 12″ balance bike and discovered how heavy and poorly made it was (the bike was purchased from a local bike shop).  Since then we have been distributors of world-leading balance bike brands from 2008 and recently designing, testing, re-designing, and re-testing our Kidvelo bikes brand to ensure they are the #1 featured and best value bike in Australia. Launching in 2021 please sign up for email notification when our game-changing balance to pedal bikes arrive down-under.

We designed our bikes to be very easy to ride and enable children to quickly learn the joy of riding, hence our bikes do not come with training wheels.  Design elements like a low center of gravity, relaxed geometry, and proportional components lend themselves to making riding easier for those just starting out.  That being said, if you feel that training wheels are necessary (you know your little one better than anyone), we do offer training wheels, please see our Accessories Page for more details.


Super lightweight, safe and easy learn to ride balance bikes for kids aged 2 to 8 years old.


Our lightweight balance bikes are the best training tool to teach toddlers to ride a bike without having to use training wheels.

  • Wheel Size: 12inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 18months - 4.5 years
  • Adjustable Seat Height: 30cm - 48cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning to Balance
  • Bike Weight: 2.93kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink

Kidvelo rookie 14 Blue


This revolutionary balance bike converts to a child's first pedal bike with an attachable pedal kit once your child learns to balance.

  • Wheel Size: 14inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 3 - 6 years
  • Adjustable Seat Height: 40cm - 58cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning to Ride their First Bike!
  • Bike Weight: 6.6kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink

Kidvelo Rookie 18 Green


This revolutionary larger balance bike converts to a child's first pedal bike with an add-on pedal kit once your child masters balance.

  • Wheel Size: 18inch Alloy
  • Age Range: 5 - 8 years
  • Adjustable Seat Height: 48cm - 68cm inseam
  • Ability Level: Learning to Ride their First Bike!
  • Bike Weight: 7.6kgs
  • 4 Amazing Colours: Neon Red, Blue, Green, Pink

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