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What is a Balance Bike?

Balance bikes, Running Bikes, Pedal-less bikes, Strider bikes, First Bikes – whatever you call them, balance bikes are everywhere!

In recent years, the balance bike has quickly become the bicycle of choice for children to begin building up their core muscle strength. This will enable them to learn the skills needed to be a safe cyclist. With a balance bike, your child can learn to ride a bike more safely and comfortably.

Simple, easy-to-use balance bikes are the perfect kids bikes. Kids balance bikes do not have pedals and sit low enough so that a child can propel themselves using their legs. They must lift their feet high enough to clear the ground while balancing their weight across the lightweight frame as they walk. By simplifying the process, kids are able to learn how to effectively balance their weight before progressing on to using pedals to move the bike. It also allows them to learn at a slower pace. As a result, they’re only able to move as fast as their legs can propel them, preventing frightening falls.

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