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Can You Get Pedals For A Balance Bike?

Balance bikes are great for helping young children learn to ride in a way that is easy and sensible – one skill at a time.  Driven by foot-to-ground power, balance bikes help kids learn to steer first as they acquire a sense of balance while seated.  The balance skill comes next and is ultimately followed by advancing to pedalling. 

Balance bikes come without pedals, saving this skill for last. Kids learn at their own pace and advance to the final skill – pedalling – only when they are ready.

The Next Steps

When they are ready, when steering and balancing skills have been learned, does that mean they must get a new bike, one with pedals? In the past, yes, but not anymore.  With a carefully researched and well-thought-out system, Kidvelo has developed a pedal transformation kit that installs that final learning step.

Balance bikes have been built that will accommodate the installation of pedals in an easy and simple way, making the transformation quick and well-functioning for kids.  Allen keys are included with the transformation kit, the only tool needed to install the pedals.

Only two bolts need to be removed, along with the footrest.  The drivetrain is then added, and the bolts are reinserted.  It’s as simple as that, and the bike is immediately ready to be pedalled.  No rebuild is necessary, the instructions are clear and easy to follow, and no tool skills are necessary.  Anyone can make this transformation easily.

Kidvelo has taken great care in its design to ensure the same geometry and handling between pedal-less and pedalled versions so that it will not interfere with or slow down the learning process for kids. 

Bike Seat Height Adjustable

Seat height is adjustable as legs grow longer.  Bike weight does not increase dramatically such that kids will have difficulty in control or the strength needed to move the bike along.  

Ergonomically designed and lightweight, with crank, drive chain, and pedals sized adequately to fit without interfering with what riders have become accustomed to, the bikes after the transformation kit has been installed are the very same bike as before but with pedals now. 

Children have already learned to steer, and have developed the balance to ride the bike with confidence.  These skills have been acquired step by step at the child’s pace of learning.  The only thing remaining to be learned for bike riding is pedalling.  

Kids will be ready for the pedal installation when they can keep their feet on the footrest for long glides with good balance and good steering without having to think about it.  Adding pedalling to that good balance and good steering will come quickly to kids. 

In less than 30 minutes, the balance bike becomes a bike with pedals.  Shortly after that, kids are riding a pedal bike like pros.  They haven’t had to learn a new bike; instead using the same bike they learned how to steer and balance with.  That familiarity helps make the transition to pedalling a quick study and easy to achieve. Check out the Kidvelo’s 2-in-1 Balance Bikes with pedal transformation kit.  Once learned, always known.

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