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Benefits Of A Convertible Balance Bike

“It’s like riding a bike” is a common expression that suggests that once learned, always known.  But it’s the learning that comes first, and a kid’s balance bike makes that learning as easy as, well, riding a bike.

Convertible Balance bikes, normally for kids between 18 months and 7 years, help a child who has already learned how to walk to ride a kids bike.  The most difficult part of riding a bike is balancing while sitting and in motion.

Training wheels will keep a child’s bike from tipping over, but that’s not really learning balance.  The training wheels are doing all the work for the child without having to learn how to balance while sitting and in motion.  Kids learn how to ride on a tilt, which isn’t balanced.

Convertible Balance bikes (striders, sometimes gliders) are specially designed for kids, with no pedals or drive chains, and close enough to the ground for the feet to reach. They help kids learn to steer and balance themselves first.

Kids at that age have learned how to balance themselves enough to walk.  Convertible Balance bikes take that balance one further step if you will.  

Balance bikes help a child do the following:

Acquire a sense of control.  The kids power the convertible balance bikes themselves close to the ground and without chains.  They have control over movement and speed and can advance as they become accustomed to steering with balance at their own pace.

One at a time.  Steer, balance, both without having to pedal.  Learn the first part of riding a bike without overwhelming the senses.  Taking one step at a time they can learn the steering slowly and with focus.  

Confidence.  Their confidence grows after mastering the steering while maintaining stability with their feet.  Next comes the gliding, using the feet to power, and lifting them.

Learning to ride a Convertible Balance Bike  

Turning corners, avoiding obstacles in the path, and more create greater spatial awareness.  Legs become stronger, and together, the child maneuvering around the house (stairs, moving backwards) are further skills developed.  The speed of learning increases with each new skill, each new bit of confidence and excitement creating the desire and enthusiasm to learn more and more. 

At that age, everything is a new experience for kids, each adventure creating an ever-building desire for more adventures.  Riding a bike gives kids a sense of freedom, and the ability to transport themselves, even if just up and down the driveway, creates that thirst for more. 

Skinned knees and elbows can be a thing of the past:  the fall isn’t too far even if it happens, and the feet are already on the ground to prevent it from happening in the first place.  Convertible Balance bikes build those first skills and eventually lead to pedals, foot breaks, hand breaks, and so on.  Step by step, glide by glide, kids learn well on our Kidlevo Balance Bikes.  Once learned, always known. 

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