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How Do You Turn A Balance Bike Into A Pedal Bike?

Balance bikes are perfect for toddlers and young children to enter the world of bike riding.  With a variety of sizes, weights, and colours to choose from, children from 18 months to 8 years can learn how to ride a bike at their own pace. 

The right height chosen ensures the child’s feet can reach the ground easily.  Those feet provide the power to move the bike along on glides as the child learns how to steer.  As confidence grows, the feet find the footrest for those glides, and the child learns balance while sitting.

Kids bike seats are adjustable as the child’s legs grow longer, and the glide distances continue to grow longer and longer.  When steering and balance become natural for the child, the final skill can be added – pedalling.

Kidvelo Balance Bikes have been designed and manufactured to anticipate the addition of pedals and drive chain.  A pedal transformation kit will also be available shortly for that conversion, meaning a new bike with pedals won’t be a needed purchase.

The transformation kits come with everything you will need to turn the balance bike into a pedal bike, even including the single tool, an Allen wrench, necessary for the conversion.  The pedals, crank, and chain have been sized to fit well and without disturbing either the weight or the configuration, the child has become accustomed to riding.

Lightweight and Durable 

The balance bike models that anticipate the addition of pedals are lightweight and durable, with aluminum frames and top-quality alloy components for long life.  Crank arms are long enough to convert the pedalling into sufficient energy to move the bike along in proportion to the pedalling effort.  

This moves the bike in a way the child has become accustomed to by foot power gliding.  Since the child has already acquired the steering and balancing skills, the pedalling skill will come quickly.

The Conversion Process

The conversion process from a balance bike to a balance bike with pedals is easy and quick.  Two bolts are removed, along with the footrest; the drivetrain (crank, chain, and pedals) are put into place, and the bolts are reinserted.  The included Allen wrench is the only tool required.  In just a few minutes, the balance bike is transformed into a pedal bike. 

The bike height will still allow the child’s feet to reach the ground, and the gliding can continue as before to move the bike.  Gradually, as confidence continues to build, the feet find the pedals, and the ground is no longer needed to move the bike along. 

The lightweight balance bikes with small tires are suitably sized for small hands and short legs.  With a large choice of sizes and weights to match ages and colours to give them the personality the child will like, the right Kidvelo Balance Bike can be found for any child from toddlers to 8-year-olds.

The Kidvelo Convertible Balance Bike will help your child learn how to ride a bike easily, safely, and at their own pace.  The conversion from balance bike to pedal bike will save you money, too, as a second bike won’t be needed.  Kids win, parents win, and fun is had.


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