Best Kids Bikes In Australia: Top 10 Picks for 2024

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for almost all Aussie kids and it starts with sourcing a quality set of wheels. From a parent’s perspective, choosing a bike for your little one is a thrilling ride, but with a wide array of options available to suit every age and preference, finding the best kids bikes in Australia can feel a little overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve done the leg work (or wheel work) for you. In today’s blog, we’re shining a spotlight on the 10 best kids bikes currently on the market in Australia in 2023. We’ll detail the notable features of each to make your decision-making easier, so keep reading to find out more!

1. Kidvelo 12 Inch Balance Bike

Perfect for the smallest cyclists starting their journey, the Kidelo 12 Inch Balance Bike is both practical and fun. It focuses on helping children improve their balance and coordination with its pedal-free design. The adjustable seat ensures a comfortable ride, and its light frame makes handling a breeze for tiny hands. Plus, with a colourful range to choose from, it will be an instant hit with your child.

The specs:

Age group: 18 months to 4.5 years.

Wheels: 12-inch Alloy Rims with Joytech alloy hubs and sealed bearings.

Seat: Height adjusts to fit a 30 – 48cm inseam

Load limit: 30kg

2. Fluid Rapid 20 Inch Mountain Bike

As your child grows and starts craving off-road escapades, the Fluid Rapid 20 inch Mountain Bike steps in. Designed for young trailblazers, this Anaconda bike is robust with a sturdy frame, while the suspension fork promises a smooth ride over bumpy terrains. The reliable brakes add a layer of safety, making it a perfect choice for outdoor explorers.

The specs:

Age group: 7-9 years. 

Wheels: 20 inch

Brakes: Alloy V brakes

Gears: 7 Speed (1 x 7)

3. Kmart 40cm Burst Bike

The Kmart 40cm Burst Bike delivers on value without skimping on quality. It’s an easy-to-ride Kmart bike that provides all the essentials for your child’s everyday cycling needs. The bike comes with adjustable training wheels, perfect for beginners, and is available in a variety of cheerful designs.

The specs:

Age group: 4+ years

Wheels: 15.7 inches

Brakes: Front steel calliper and rear coaster brake

Load limit: 40kg

4. Vuly 24-Inch Kids Classic Bike

The Vuly 24-Inch Kids Classic Bike blends elegance with utility. It boasts a classic design, enhanced by puncture-resistant tyres and a lightweight alloy frame. The bonus front basket and comfortable saddle ensure a pleasant ride, whether it’s a school commute or a leisurely weekend adventure.

The specs:

Age group: 8-11+

Wheels: 24 inches

Brakes: Mechanical linear pull disc brake

Gears: 21 speed Shimano Tourney gearing

5. Goldcross Kids Cruise 40cm S2 Bike

The Goldcross Kids Cruise 40cm S2 Bike shines with its stunning aesthetics and thoughtful features, and makes for a great girls bike. Its low standover height makes it easy for children to mount and dismount, while the high-rise handlebars and comfy saddle promote a comfortable, upright riding position. The BMX style tyres offer great traction, making this bike perfect for various surfaces.

The specs:

Age group: 4+ years

Wheels: 15.7 inches (and removable training wheels)

Brakes: Front steel calliper and rear coaster brake

Gears: Single speed

6. Mongoose 16″ Mitygoose Kids Bike Bright Green

The Mongoose 16″ Mitygoose Kids Bike Bright Green caters to young adventurers with a spirit for excitement, and makes for a great boys bike. The robust frame and easy-to-use coaster brake make it ideal for thrilling rides, while the detachable training wheels offer adaptability as your child’s skills evolve. Its bright green colour and sleek design certainly add to its appeal.

The specs:

Age group: 3-7 years

Wheels: 16 inches

Brakes: Aluminum calliper front and rear steel coaster brake

Gears: Single speed

7. Huffy Pro Thunder Bike 50cm

Designed to thrill, the Huffy Pro Thunder Bike 50cm stands out with its race-inspired design and vibrant graphics. The sturdy, single-speed bike features front and rear calliper brakes for dependable stopping. The adjustable seat and robust steel frame make it a bike that can adapt to your growing child.

The specs:

Age group: 5-9 years

Wheels: 20 inches

Brakes: Calliper front and rear steel coaster brake

Gears: Single speed

8. Repco Starlet BMX Coaster Bike 30cm

Eighth on our list is the Repco Starlet BMX Coaster Bike 30cm. This bike, with its charming star designs and vivid colours, is perfect for kids ready to leave training wheels behind. It features a reliable coaster brake, easy-grip handles, and a comfortable seat for long rides. Its light weight and low standover height make it ideal for younger, less experienced riders.

The specs:

Age group: 3-5 years

Wheels: 11.8 inches

Brakes: Back pedal brake

Gears: Single speed

9. 12″ Apollo Neo Jr Balance – Silver/Red

Meet the Apollo Neo Jr Balance Bike in eye-catching Silver and Red. It’s a great little set of wheels designed for tots aged 18 months to 4 years. Light as a feather with its alloy frame, it’s a breeze for the little ones to manoeuvre. And with a low standover height and adjustable seat, it grows with your child. Plus, the 12-inch air tyres mean a smoother, more comfortable ride. It’s a perfect starter bike that makes learning to ride a bike a real joy for your kiddo.

The specs:

Age group: 2-4 years

Wheels: 12 inches

Frame: Lightweight alloy

10. 16″ Giant ARX Lightweight – Metallic Green

Last on our list is the Giant ARX Lightweight bike in a snazzy Metallic Green. Designed for kids aged 4-6, this bike, with its 16-inch wheels, is super light and nimble due to the ALUXX-Grade Aluminium frame. It’s not just light, it’s easy to control too, thanks to the hand brakes designed for small hands. The clever stem design means the bike grows with your kid, adjusting as they do. With its cool metallic green finish, your little one will be the envy of their friends. The comfortable saddle and kid-specific design ensure your child can ride longer and with more confidence. All things considered, this bike is a winning combo of style, comfort and safety. Your child will absolutely love it!

The specs:

Age group: 2-6 years

Wheels: 16 inches

Brakes: Front mini V and rear coaster brakes

Gears: Single speed

So there you have it – the 10 best kids bikes in Australia for 2023. We hope this guide helps make your decision-making process a bit smoother. Remember, the best bike for your child is one that matches their ability, fits them well, and lights up their face with a smile. Don’t forget to explore our range today, or contact us if you have any questions or require guidance on choosing the perfect ride for you little one! 

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